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International Women's Rights Day: Meet Catherine and Nahomie, guides in Bordeaux

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Friday 06 March 2020

To mark International Women's Rights Day, this week we'd like to introduce you to our guides around the world. Women who live in different countries, but share the same daily life; women who have turned their disability into a strength, and who have largely inspired the concept of our company. This week we shine the spotlight on these women who guide you in the dark. Meet two of our guides based in the Bordeaux restaurant, Catherine and Nahomie!

Catherine, restaurant guide Dans le Noir ? Bordeaux

-What does it mean to be a woman (blind or partially sighted) in today's society?

Being a visually impaired woman in 2020 means following through on your goals and taking responsibility for your desires, while at the same time paying attention to how others look at you.

-Who's the woman I admire?

Being blind since I was a teenager, it's been difficult to draw inspiration from one woman in particular, but many women have played an important role in my life. My little sister helped me to be feminine; she always supported me and pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and accept myself as a visually impaired person who loves fashion and make-up. Then there are my three daughters, who are my greatest success story, with three different styles, and who do everything they can to help me make the right choices and keep me up to date with the latest trends. Finally, my friends are very important to me.

-What characterizes me?

An adjective that fits me well is "feminine". I'm always flirtatious, even if I work mainly in the dark, and it's important for me to look good with hair and make-up, and to assume my femininity like any other working woman. A blind person has all eyes on her, so you have to be sure of yourself!


Nahomie, restaurant guide Dans le Noir ? Bordeaux

-What does it mean to be a woman (blind or partially sighted) in today's society?

Being a woman should mean being the equal of a man.

-Who is the woman I admire?

All the women around me, because they all bring something to my daily life and inspire me to move forward.

-What adjective best characterizes you?

"Creative": I love to create all kinds of things and to show them off. Creating makes my imagination run wild and makes me do all kinds of incredible things!


Discover all our guides' portraits on our LinkedIn page!

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