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DANS LE NOIR ? BORDEAUX: We ask the question, you get the answer!

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Thursday 17 June 2021

Dans le Noir ? Bordeaux is not just a restaurant, it's an experience, starting in 2019 at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Bordeaux. Did you notice the question mark in our brand name? It's no coincidence that it's there. The main idea behind Dans le Noir ? is to take you on a powerful sensory adventure that challenges your certainties and makes you ask questions.

It's a unique sensory experience where you'll taste a 100% surprise menu. What is your perception of taste in total darkness? Will you be able to identify the dish, the wine, the flavors without knowing the menu? Depriving yourself of one sense to awaken the others is different for everyone. It can call up very personal memories of smells, tastes and sensations.

It's a social and convivial experience. Dans le Noir ? Bordeaux also makes you question your relationship with others, because you're going to find yourself in the same room as other people you don't know, living an extraordinary adventure. How do you interact differently in this environment? Why is communication easier? Why is it so much quicker to be on first-name terms? You'll realize that in total darkness, communication becomes freer and more authentic.

This experience is also a human encounter. In our day-to-day lives, we're trained to help blind or partially-sighted people cross the street, but here they're the ones helping us in an environment where our bearings are turned upside down. A surprising and enriching encounter with difference, where roles are reversed. With 50% of its staff suffering from severe disabilities, Dans le Noir ? is expanding into an ordinary sector to show that disability can be synonymous with performance! Why is it still so difficult for disabled people to find a job? Meeting our guides is often a very powerful and memorable experience.

By living the experience of dining in total darkness in Bordeaux, we don't pretend to provide answers, but if you were able to ask yourself questions during this unusual adventure, then we've won!

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