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Denis Lemercier, chef of the unusual restaurant Dans le Noir ? Bordeaux

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Thursday 19 December 2019

Meet the Chef of the Radisson Blu Hotel restaurant in Bordeaux

Denis Lemercier, Chef de Cuisine at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Bordeaux, has created a special menu for Dans le Noir ?. We interviewed him to find out more about his background and the specifics involved in designing an atypical menu to delight your taste buds.

Meet the chef of the unusual restaurant Dans le Noir ? Bordeaux

What was your background before working for Dans le Noir ? Bordeaux?

I went to hotel school in Talence several years ago. In the meantime, I worked in gastronomic restaurants in Bordeaux and abroad, notably in the United States for several years, before returning to Bordeaux.

How did you create the menu for Dans le Noir ? Bordeaux?

Thanks to local produce, fresh products that are well prepared, as well as different textures. I like to play with contrasts: crunchy, soft, hot, cold, that's what I think tickles the taste buds. But don't worry, this is local cuisine, not Koh-Lanta!

How do you choose your products for the restaurant?

The products used to prepare the plates and the menu are seasonal. I use local suppliers. This allows us to prepare 4 menus a year, which change to adapt to seasonal variations.

Do you offer alternatives for people with allergies or special diets?

Yes, of course, we adapt the plates to specific diets, as requested at the time of booking.

How do you feel about launching this project?

We're ready to go, so put your trust in us and we'll treat you to a superb evening!

Denis Lemercier.

Now it's your turn to try out Bordeaux's most unusual restaurant!

The question now is, will you be able to find the ingredients on your surprise menu in total darkness?

To find out, book your sensory experience every Friday and Saturday evening at the Radisson Blu Hotel.

Book now:

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